June 26-28, 2018

Frankfurt, Germany

Why This Is The Event For You

Join expert leaders at the Armed Oncolytic Immunotherapy Summit as we explore the next generation approaches being taken to arm viruses with immune modulating agents resulting in stronger anti-tumour responses. This summit is your opportunity to explore the clinical landscape and take away lessons learnt to improve your clinical strategy and accelerate your oncolytic immunotherapy pipeline to ensure clinical and commercial success.

Do not miss the opportunity to hear from industry leaders including Amgen, Nouscom and DNAtrix as we highlight the ideal characteristics that should be engineered to create the optimal oncolytic virus. Join the hottest discussion in oncolytic immunotherapies and identify the most rational combinations that enhance oncolysis as well as the  anti-tumour immune response to advance current standards of care.

 Key Topics to Be Addressed:

Avenues to Rational Combination Therapies to Advance Existing Standards of Care
Listen to Amgen and Tilt Biotherapeutics as they reveal clinical outcomes of armed oncolytic viruses in combination with tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes, immune checkpoint inhibitors, monoclonal antibodies and CAR-T adoptive therapies

Strategies to Arm the Virus to Enhance Clinical Efficacy
Learn from the strategies of Unleash Immuno Oncolytics and NousCom as they divulge the scientific concepts behind their arming payloads to increase the potency of anticancer vaccines

Manufacturing Strategies to Produce Quality Armed Viruses to Future-Proof Plans of Large Scale Trials
Identify the manufacturing analytical toolbox to measure safety and efficacy in oncolytic immunotherapies and create future focused strategies for sufficient scale up with talks from Turnstone Biologics and Transgene

Efficacious Preclinical Models which Show Best Human Translation
Join the discussion with ViraTherapeutics and Unleash  Immuno Oncolytics to explore the most appropriate model to ensure reliable data is collected to make translatable preclinical conclusions

Current Status for Systemic Delivery of Viral Therapy
Improve your strategies to enhance the systemic delivery of oncolytic viruses to create an un-invasive delivery system which has increased viral spread