June 26-28, 2018

Frankfurt, Germany

Accelerate the Development of Targeted Oncolytic Viruses in Combination as the Cornerstone Therapeutic Modality for Oncology

The Armed Oncolytic Immunotherapy Summit is the leading end-to-end meeting focused on the next generation of oncolytic virus and microbe therapies. Exploring the hottest part of oncolytic immunotherapy, this meeting will provide you with the much needed insight to enhance your novel therapeutic with optimal arming payloads and rational combinations.

Key Areas of Focus:

Arming – Enhance the lytic potential of oncolytic viruses and microbes by genetically arming the virus with multiple payloads. Exploit the transportation of these viruses and use these potential vehicles to increase potency.
Combinations – Explore the current clinical landscape and identify the most rational combinations to augment current therapies, enhancing trafficking into the tumour microenvironment alongside heightened immune system recruitment, turning cold tumours hot.
Manufacturing – Join the leading industry experts as we translate these innovative approaches into the clinic and build strategies to future-proof and scale-up the process development of your therapies; ensuring quantity and quality of virus and microbe production.
Systemic Delivery – Explore the hurdles surrounding intratumoral delivery and join the discussion to overcome the challenge in facilitating an un-invasive delivery system that is able to travel intravenously to the tumour site and overcome the immune system response


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